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The Writings of One Phoenix Neal

or, The Ramblings of a Madwoman

Phoenix Neal
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This LJ is solely for the purpose of posting and discussing my fanfic efforts. I do have a personal LJ, but I don't particularly want to link it to my writing. That said, I'm not hiding who I am, so you could probably figure it out if you desperately wanted to.

My work can also be found at http://www.fanfiction.net/~phoenixneal

Favorite fandoms: Harry Potter, Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek: DS9

A bit about me and my writing:

I was first exposed to the world of fanfiction and 'shipping in the summer of 1997. That was when I really discovered the Internet, and all the strange and sick and wonderful things that it contains. The first fanfics I ever read were highly sacchrine Paris/Torres pieces that were probably written by 14-year-old girls. Of course, I was about that age myself, so I immediately started writing my own ridiculously angsty, Mary-Sue filled fanfic. I never published or finished it, and believe me, it will never see the light of day.

A decade later, after a fairly long hiatus from writing, I find myself drawn to writing fanfic again. Yes, I'm trying to constructively move through my post-Deathly Hallows angst. JKR was kind enough to leave writers with all sorts of interesting avenues of creativity, and my brain has gone crazy with ideas. I've started writing several different fics; we'll see which ones make it to completion. (At the moment, I only plan on posting totally completed fics; I know how awful it is waiting for the next chapter, which may or may not ever come.) Although fanfiction by its very nature lends itself to AU/canon-bending, my goal is to write all of my stories completely within the framework of canon. I may not entirely succeed, but feel free to call me on any canon errors. I can't keep the whole Potterverse stored in my head! That said, my stories may not be consistent from one to another, since they aren't canon. We'll see where the Muses take me.

I appreciate constructive criticism and comments - everything from "You misspelled 'Snargaluff'" to "That story would make a lot more sense if every paragraph wasn't a single sentence" and anything else you can think of. Specificity helps; I really am trying to become a better writer, but the more vague your criticism, the less I can do to respond to it.

Just a note about my pen name: Though it has gone through a variety of permutations, I chose a decade ago to be known as 'Phoenix' - long before I'd ever heard of Harry Potter. It is a happy coincidence that the phoenix has a prominent role in the Potterverse - I have always loved the idea that I could rise from the ashes and fly again.